Event Management solution

Event Management solution


A dramatic increase in the size of the current revenue base suggests practical problems mostly in additional overheads and resources required in scenarios where a manual or decentralized system is to be utilized.

Problems such as high costs for collection,fraud, underpayment and leakages in revenue could be made worse by massively expanding the current taxable base without the use of adequate computerized solutions. The problems of tracking and identifying fraud or rogue revenue collectors are only compounded by the usage of manual or decentralized systems.A centralized automated revenue collection system allows for increased and timely access to information that would otherwise take too much time and effort to generate from the available hard copy records.

MobiTill mobile point of sale helps in generating reports for both online real-time and offline that show total cash collected and MPESA ,TIGO CASH,AIRTEL and MTN amount due. We also customize the report to generate the type of data needed by the events management office; e.g. total daily /monthly collections and collection by user etc.